Wedding Photographer Cost: What You Need to Know Before You Book Your Photographer

Wedding Photographer Cost: What You Need to Know Before You Book Your Photographer


Wedding photography is one of the most critical aspects of your special day. Your wedding photos are a timeless reminder of the joy, love, and celebration you shared with family and friends. However, it can be challenging to understand how much you should expect to pay for a wedding photographer. In this article, we will break down the wedding photographer’s cost and factors that impact pricing and provide tips for finding the right photographer for your budget.

Average Wedding Photographer Cost:

Cost should be a minor factor when looking for the perfect wedding photographer in Coimbatore. Professional wedding photographers in the city charge between INR 50,000 and 2,00,000 for a standard 8-hour package that typically includes travel fees, digital downloads of edited images, and additional services such as mounting photos or album creation. Though a lower price may indicate low-quality artistry and limited services, couples can find top-notch talent without breaking the bank if they carefully research.

Factors That Impact Wedding Photographer Cost:

1. Location: Rates usually vary based on how far the photographer has to travel, including transportation and lodging costs.

2. Experience: The cost is often determined by years of experience in professional wedding photography. 

3. Portfolio/Previous Work Quality: A more experienced photographer may have better shots due to their ability to capture small details efficiently. 

4 Equipment Used: Professional photographers typically use high-end cameras and other equipment that can be expensive, or they rent them out, which adds additional costs too 

5 Number Of Photos Asked For: More photographs generally require extra time for editing and printing, thus increasing the overall picture price 

6 Time Required On Site: Additional charges might come into play if the picture session takes longer than expected due to bad weather or other outside factors 

7 Editing Services Offerings Included In Package Deal: Some services offer post-processing options like enhancing colours, retouching photos etc., at an extra cost 

8 Discounts Offered By Vendor Or Negotiations Agreed Upon Upfront When Setting up Contract Agreement

Tips for Finding the Right Photographer for Your Budget:

1. Research Your Options: Carefully browse a list of qualified photographers in your area and compare their portfolios, websites, and prices before narrowing down your list. 

2. Set a Reasonable Budget: Decide how much you’re willing to spend on a photographer that fits within the range of services you need without compromising quality or value for money. 

3. Ask Other Professionals for Advice: Talk to other people who have used professional photography services and get references from them; this will give you an idea about whether certain photographers are worth considering. 

4. Check Licenses & Certifications: Ensure the photographer is certified by relevant organizations like the American Society of Professional Photographers (ASPP). Also, ask questions about their experience level since it will determine the resulting quality they can deliver in terms of creativity while respecting burdensome deadline requirements if necessary. 

5. Review Testimonials & Reviews: Visit review sites such as Yelp! Review previous client reviews to see what others thought about working with each photographer before making any decisions. 

6 Look at Their Sample Work: Once potential candidates have been identified, view sample albums, which will help demonstrate style techniques and better understand how they approach different subjects according to babies’ portraits, wedding day experiences, and many other available choices.


Q: Is it necessary to have a professional wedding photographer? A: While it’s unnecessary, having a professional wedding photographer ensures you capture all the critical moments of your special day.

Q: How much should I budget for wedding photography? A: Couples typically spend around 10% of their wedding budget on photography.

Q: What should I look for when choosing a wedding photographer? A: Look for a photographer whose style aligns with your vision, has experience shooting weddings, and has a portfolio that showcases their work.


Your wedding photographs are a cherished keepsake of your special day. By setting a budget, researching, asking for recommendations, meeting with potential photographers, and negotiating, you can find the perfect photographer to capture the memories that will last a lifetime. Understanding wedding photographer costs and factors that impact pricing will help you find the right photographer for your budget.

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