10 Fun and Unique Anniversary Party Games to Celebrate Your Special Milestone

10 Fun and Unique Anniversary Party Games to Celebrate Your Special Milestone


Anniversaries are a time to celebrate the love and commitment shared between two people. And what better way to commemorate this special milestone than with fun and exciting party games? Whether hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, anniversary party games can add a delightful touch and create lasting memories. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten fun and unique anniversary party games to entertain your guests and make your celebration memorable.

10 Fun and Unique Anniversary Party Games:

  1. Find Your Mate: A hilarious game that tests how well couples know each other. Guests will find out how compatible they are as they answer questions about their partner’s preferences, habits, and quirks.
  2. Couple’s Taboo: A twist on the classic Taboo game, this version requires couples to guess words or phrases without using certain “taboo” words. It’s a great way to test communication skills and have some good-natured fun.
  3. Anniversary Bingo: Put a romantic spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Create customized Bingo cards with anniversary-themed words or phrases, such as “wedding rings” or “happily ever after.” The first to get Bingo wins a special prize.
  4. The Newlywed Game: A classic game that never gets old. Test newlyweds or long-married couples on how well they know each other by asking personal questions. The answers are sure to evoke laughter and reveal interesting insights.
  5. Couple’s Karaoke: Bring out the inner singers in your guests with a couples’ karaoke session. Create a playlist of love songs or favourite tunes, and let the couples take turns showcasing their vocal talent. They are guaranteed to be a hit!
  6. The Timeline Game: Take your guests on a journey through time with the timeline game. Create a timeline of significant events in the couple’s relationship and have guests guess the correct order. It’s a fun way to reminisce and learn more about the couple’s journey together.
  7. The Love Language Game: Explore the five love languages – words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch – in this interactive game. Guests can identify their primary love language and learn more about their partner’s preferences.
  8. The Photo Scavenger Hunt: Combine the excitement of a scavenger hunt with cherished memories by creating a photo scavenger hunt. Provide guests with specific photos they need to capture throughout the celebration. The first to complete the list wins a prize.
  9. The Anniversary Trivia Game: Test your guests’ knowledge of the couple’s journey and trivia related to anniversaries. Prepare a list of questions about the couple’s wedding day, milestones, or general anniversary facts. The guest with the most correct answers wins the trivia crown.


Anniversary party games can elevate your celebration and create a festive atmosphere that brings guests together. When choosing the right games, consider the preferences and dynamics of your guests. It’s also important to make the games more interactive and fun by providing prizes for the winners or incorporating personalized elements related to the couple. So, connect, laugh, and make lasting memories with these ten fun and unique anniversary party games. Cheers to celebrating love and cherished moments!

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